Enjoyment Methodology: Five skills to develop in the process

Archilla Pérez, David (2008)

Enjoyment Methodology: Five skills to develop in the process

E.T.S. Arquitectura (UPM).

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The Joy Movement has started with energy. It is raised fi’om the Universities and the work places promoting the joy as one of the basic emotions to reach. Escorted by philosophy. psychology and the scientific coimnunity in general, the Joy Movement infiltrates in the architectural forums to redescribe oíd interests and to propose new alances.

Five recommendations open this movement. five abilities to train in order to develope projects. The INTEREST is implication. the IMAGINATION is among other things the construction of images, the ABYLITY TO MAKE CHALLENGES helps to reach the fiow state. the CONCENTRATION is simultaneous attention and the SENSE OF HUMOUR is a positive glance that constructs opportunity áreas.

Five abilities. already proposed and tested by other scientific disciplines, that are understood like a departure point. a beginning proposal. a start open to interpretation. interferences. additions and redescriptions. With this lines. the joyism starts up. with the hope to construct a movement full of exemplaiy attitudes and unforgettable moments. a teoric trend that welcome individuáis, groups and multitudes, under the shelter of the projectual joy. After a time in latency. the Joy Movement registeis finally its official beginning in 2008. Now the rest is in your hands…

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