STUDIO Magazine

STUDIO is a magazine about the contemporary urban condition.
It’s a seasonal independent journal edited and directed by Romolo Calabrese together with RRC studio architects. It’s based in Milan, but its reach is global.
It addresses issues involving the urban context, its strategies and its developments.   

STUDIO is a platform.
It’s a raft. It’s a travelling sharing of theories and critics, experiences and proposals, bound for save ideas for city from the city itself.

STUDIO is written by architects.
But it’s not written only by architects or just for architects.

STUDIO is research.
It concerns the city, in a generic way. It’s ephemeral. It does not solve, but it poses issues. It’s as simple as it’s profound.

STUDIO is a mental activity of learning and knowledge.
Every issue is conceived as a collection of writings, commentaries, reportages, photographic galleries, films and videos on urban topics. It combines different techniques to deliver a multidisciplinar approach and open discussions based on a comprehensive overview.
Therefore, it uses different media types to reach a global audience.

STUDIO is where STUDIO was born, grows, will develop.

editor in chief
Romolo Roberto Calabrese

managing editor
Zeno Piccoli

editorial board
Chiara Poli
Zeno Piccoli
Silvia Pirotta
Eleonora Grilli

Everyday we interact with icons in front of a screen, we define object, person and architecture as icon. But what is the meaning of the Icon today? What are the contemporary Icons? And in the future? The “sacredness”, the universality carried on by the Icon in the past, the relationship created with the surroundings, nowadays seem rarefied…

Repetition and un-repeatability, fiction and reality, tradition and imagination.The need of a return to the basics highlights the gap between the ephemeral and the timeless in order to identify what of this age will survive to be brought in the future. From the origins to the original up to the originality

CRISIS From the Greek "krísis" meaning decision (to decide, separate, judge). A stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events (esp. for better or for worse), is determined; turning point; a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.

For the first time in human history the “urban living” is the prevailing trend. In this global context, the investigation and exploration of the issues for the city of the new millennium become the ethical responsibility of architects: architecture will find the urban subject the key of its studies

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